About Us

 Our Story

Everything started with our Wire Hair Fox Terrier Ellie. Being Ms. Personality and with an utterly lovable sense of humor, she arrived in our family and changed our lives.

Ellie is bold, active, and a dog that loves nature. When she is not playing in the snow, jumping in the pool, or walking in the park, she is playing with her toys. When Ellie arrived in our family, we tested many gadgets and accessories for dogs, from various brands and stores, unfortunately not many could survive our Ellie.

At this moment, our path was clear, if we would like to have access to high-quality products for our best friend, we would need to design and create them ourselves. Ellie agreed and promised to be responsible for our quality control.

Through Ellie's inspiration, Love Dog Things was born.

Every new product that Love Dog Things launches in the market must be tested and approved by Ellie. If it passes through her standards and survives her enthusiasm, it will bring joy to many other canines.

For many years we had the opportunity to test the quality of different online pet supplies, and our personal experiences clearly define our product line. For the conviction and endless respect for dogs, we don't sell any adverse products like choke collars, spike accessories, or any product that can cause pain or suffering to our best friends.

When you visit the Love Dog Things website, you can be sure that every product was tested and met the highest standards of quality and safety.With social and personalized support, we put together in our store the best variety of products for your pets, and our delivery can be fast as a dog's run. The digital environment can turn the life of pet's parents easier and, combined with high-quality options, is a heaven on earth, literally.

Our Mission 

At Love Dog Things, our mission is to be the most trusted and convenient destination for pet lovers, offering safety, comfort, happiness, and fun for dogs around the world. With the right balance between usability, quality, and price, we want to impact the lives we touch with creativity and positivity, guaranteeing a big smile from doggy cheek to doggy cheek.

Our Promise 

At Love Dog Things, we promise that we'll always be available to our clients with exceptional customer service, that you and your dog will love our pet products, that we conduct our business ethically with honesty and integrity and that our commitment with the passion for paw friends, excellence, discipline, and efficiency stands behind our brand.

Our Pledge to the Community

At Love Dog Things, it's part of our core philosophy to give back to the community that supports local business. Love Dog Things is excited to be donating a percentage of our proceeds to the Hillside S.P.C.A. and Blue Chips Farm - Animal Refuge.

To learn more about these fantastic no kill animal shelters and the many ways they benefit the animals of the community, please visit the links below: